Some before & after samples of 5k Aluminum gutter repairs.

Gutter Repair

Over the years, we’ve often heard from our customers how difficult it can be to find quality service on small gutter-related issues since the larger companies typically focus on new construction and often don’t bother with smaller jobs.


At the Home Doctor it is our commitment to not only address these very necessary aspects of proper home maintenance, but to create an ongoing relationship. Many of our customers choose the benefits and convenience of our regularly  scheduled maintenance program, which alleviates the need for many future repairs.


Most gutter issues are repairable at a significant savings over gutter replacement, especially with today’s rising cost of metal.  We patch holes, seal leaks, reposition or replace spikes, re-hang loose or fallen (unless badly torn) gutters, in addition to a wide variety of other repairs.


Sometimes, however, we find gutters in such poor condition that they do actually need to be replaced.  We install new non-rusting “5k” aluminum gutters in lengths of up to 20 feet, with a seam if longer.


If you need a complete gutter system replacement and you want the 5k type gutter (the type shown on this page) and you live on the east side of Portland,  we recommend contacting Jeff Folen Contracting at (503) 281-0923, or for 5k installs on the west side, call Rod Folen Gutters at (503) 768-9903.  They have over 50 years of gutter installation experience between them and if they’re available, you’ll be working with the best!  For facia gutter replacement, contact a company that specializes in new facia installations.


For everything else… Call the Doctor!

· Early detection of issues will help prevent big problems later.

· We check for leaks, structural issues, and water damage. 

· We recommend repair only when it would cost less than replacement. 

· Spikes need to be tightened every year when the gutters are cleaned.

· Outlet protection will keep the gutters draining.

· We also install or re-secure flashing to keep water where you want it.

Occasionally trees have their way with gutters…so we also provide tree & foliage trimming.

Gutter Repair Info