Debris Removal

Pressure Washing

Moss Removal & Treatment

Keeping a roof clear of debris and moss will greatly extend itís life. If there is noticeable debris on the roof, the first step is to have it blown and raked clean.

Where moss is present, the issue is a bit more serious.  Moss is natures way of turning an expensive roof back into dirtÖ And itís good at it!

Moss will slowly (at first) break down the roofing, eventually leading to leaks, water damage, and expensive repairs, in addition to premature roof replacement.

We can rake, sweep, blow, or pressure wash away the moss and debris depending on your roof condition and the type of moss. When we pressure wash the moss off the roof, we use a lighter pressure machine and a rotating nozzle which requires less water and less time exposure to the roofing.  We then clean the gutters, also being sure to rinse off the outside of the gutters, windows, siding, decks, walks, plants, driveways and whatever else gets splattered during the removal process.

Heavy moss growth under tree shade catches twigs and debris increasing water retention which breaks down the roofing and leads to water damage.

Roof Care

Here are a few examples of roof moss and debris you commonly find in the NW.

 Moss eats roof tar and breaks down shingles.

 Debris acts like a sponge to hold water, helping moss grow.

 Roof life is drastically reduced .

 Water damage is inevitable.

 We have treatment plans to keep moss from coming back.

 To prevent slipping and concrete damage, ask about having the moss removed from your walks and driveway as well!